Miller v. WestPoint Home, Inc.

Date: February 11, 2011
Court: State Court of Gwinnett County

On February 11, 2011, Alan Herman and Allison Bloom received a defense verdict in a product liability case stemming from a fire in an RV Coach.  The plaintiff claimed that her higher-end Coach and contents were destroyed due to a short circuit in the bedroom arising from a heated mattress pad warmer manufactured by HPTY's client.  The plaintiff’s eyewitness to the fire contended that it started in the bedroom where our client's product was located.  The defense contended that the fire started in the middle of the Coach and was caused by electrical wiring unrelated to our product.  The case presented a true battle of the experts, and the jury ultimately agreed with the defense that our client's product was not responsible for the loss.  The court also granted a directed verdict on attorneys’ fees and expenses.