Trademark Infringement Case Dismissed With Prejudice in Los Angeles Superior Court

LaRue et al. v. 411 Development et al.

February 27, 2014
Los Angeles, California

Paula Pendley, with assistance from Macy Chan, obtained a dismissal with prejudice in a trademark infringement case on behalf of HPTY's client, a social media marketing company based in Los Angeles, California. 

Plaintiffs filed their lawsuit against HPTY's client more than a year ago. In response, HPTY's client successfully contested the sufficiency of the Plaintiff's Complaint three separate times. Each time though, the Court gave Plaintiffs another opportunity to amend the complaint.

Following the third successful challenge, Plaintiffs failed to amend their complaint at all. On February 27, 2014, HPTY moved to dismiss the complaint with prejudice to preclude the lawsuit from ever being filed against its client in the future. Judge Kendig granted to motion and dismissed the entire case.


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