Alan Herman Secures Directed Verdict in Connecticut Product Liability Trial

March 24, 2015
Hartford, Connecticut

On March 24, 2015, Alan Herman secured a directed verdict after a twelve-day jury trial before the Superior Court of Connecticut in Hartford County. HPTY’s client, a manufacturer of personal emergency response (medical alert) devices, was the target of this wrongful death case that arose from the death of one of their subscribers four years earlier.

Plaintiff contended that her deceased sister attempted to call for help using her medical alert device, but due to an alleged defective design and installation, the device communicator failed to send her signal to the Emergency Response Center. Thus, her sister was discovered deceased in her apartment approximately 24 hours later.

The judge granted our client’s motion for directed verdict citing Plaintiff’s lack of sufficient evidence on causation and proximate cause. Jury selection lasted six days and the trial itself lasted twelve days over a three and a half week period and would have continued several more days if the judge had not announced her ruling. 

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