HPTY Forces Withdrawal of Plaintiff's Claim That His Colon Cancer Was Caused by Asbestos

July 7, 2011
San Francisco, California

Ed Slaughter, Barret Marshall and Mark Hilliard filed a motion to strike the plaintiff's expert's opinion that there is a causative link between asbestos exposure and colon cancer.  After briefing the issue and conducting oral argument on the matter, the presiding judge ordered the plaintiff to produce his causation expert for live testimony regarding the foundation of his opinions.  After this ruling, the plaintiff elected to withdraw his expert witness and abandon his colon cancer claims.  

The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies has conducted an exhaustive review of the medical literature and concluded that there is insufficient evidence to support a designation of causality between asbestos exposure and colon cancer.  For a copy of their work, click here.


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