Perrin Conferences: Litigating Asbestos Cases in Today's Environment

Featuring Insights from the Bench: The Judicial Perspective

December 2, 2014

Edward Slaughter will be speaking at Perrin Conferences' "Litigating Asbestos Cases in Today's Environment: Featuring Insights from the Bench: The Judicial Perspective," on December 2, 2014 at the New York Athletic Club in Manhattan. Ed will participate on the panel "Substantial Contributing Factor in NYCAL Cases," discussing each and every exposure, the Frye standard for experts, and the Parker standard as applied.

Each year in the United States, health claims associated with exposure to asbestos products trigger billions of dollars in potential liability costs that impact every sector of the economy. With hundreds of thousands of claims subject to high-stakes litigation, a backlog of cases across the country continues to mount and all involved parties share an ever-increasing pressure to determine the optimal resolution for each issue.

Against this backdrop, perspectives of complex asbestos litigation will focus on the current regulatory environment, growing economic challenges, recent rulings, plaintiff and defense strategies, scientific and medical evidence, ethical considerations, as well as the logistics, complexities, and advancements in how the court system is processing and adjusting the rising volume of asbestos related cases. "The Judicial Perspective" will feature a panel of judges from New York state, including:

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