The Defense Asbestos Litigation Seminar: A Practical Guide for Winning Lung Cancer Cases at Trial

June 4-6, 2014

HPTY is sponsoring the three-day conference, "A Practical Guide for Winning Lung Cancer Cases at Trial," that is organized and hosted by renowned defense attorneys, Albert H. Parnell, Esq., Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP, Tom Radcliffe, Esq., DeHay & Ellison L.L.P., and David A. Speziali, Esq., Speziali, Greenwald & Hawkins, P.C. in conjunction with Perrin Conferences.

Robert Thackston will be on the panel, "Roundtable Discussion: Joint Defense Approaches to Defending Lung Cancer Claims," to discuss the joint efforts in preparing cases from depositions to experts. Additionally, Ollie Harton and Jason Irvin will speak on the topic of "What We Learned From Victories & Defeats in the Last 12 Months."

The event takes place June 4-6, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV and focuses on the trial of the lung cancer case. Defense attorneys, in-house counsel and insurance carriers will focus on a range of relevant issues examining the latest observations, insight and strategies of leading professionals engaged in complex lung cancer cases. Highlighting more than 20 exclusive panels on topics ranging from a re-birth of lung cancer filings, to proving alternative causation through better plaintiff and plaintiff expert examination.

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